Tips to Choosing the Right Breed

Choose The Right Breed For You!

When considering getting a puppy there are some things to consider.

Firstly, choose the right breed for you. Please take the time to identify what breed best suits your lifestyle and what you are looking for in your new pet. I made a list, which is on the home page. Many interested families that contact me have made a list and then used various sites to find the breed that matches their list.

Research the breed/s you have chosen thoroughly, know the pros and cons. I encourage people to come visit the Cotons, especially allergy sufferers, and spend time getting to know the breed. As a long lived-breed, a Coton de Tulear puppy will be with their family a long time, and, its important their family are overjoyed with their choice.

Be sure about your choice. I’ve spoken to many people who have not done their homework and have regretted their choice.

Allergy sufferer Janine’s visit to Cotonrun
was a success. The family now has Miska.

Marley visiting her puppy Lily.