Angel Families

Helping to share the love and joy of the Coton de Tulear.

Our Angel Families are loving pet owners who have agreed to help Cotonrun establish the Coton de Tulear breed in Australia, and preserve our current lines. A few of our Angel families . . .

Brisbane based Amy knows the special love and joy Cotons bring to 

their family.  Thanks to Amy, many forever families are enjoying 

having one of Princess Deanna’s puppies in their family.  One of 

Princess Deanna’s puppies works as a therapy dog for a psychologist.

The Connelly family know the difficulty of finding a pet, when a member of the family has allergies. Vovoka is their dream come true and her puppies will be equally special to their families.

Brisbane based Angela, totally besotted with the Coton’s special nature, is waiting for her Coton puppy, and excited to become a Coton Angel mum.

I’m very grateful to have such wonderful people as part of the Coton Family, their commitment will help develop the breed in Australia and share the joy of having a Coton de Tulear.