Pet Assistance Trainer and National Certifier

Founder of FETCH Assistance Dogs (Friends Eager To Come Help), Ricky Lawson has a long history of training Assistance Animals for Returned Service personnel, like himself.

Retired 2010, injured in service, Ricky worked for many agencies involved with assistance animal training before creating his own non-profit organisation, with his philosophy on training assistance animals.

FETCH works with the owner and animal, often donated to Ricky from breeders and shelters, to help returning service personnel to have some sort of life and meaning, many of them suffering phycological or other disabilities and conditions. Since FETCH’s inception Ricky expanded his organisation to include front-line personnel and civilians. Ricky trains handlers on how to train their animals to their circumstances.

Ricky’s life was turned around when he received Hoover in 2013. Ricky describes himself as having been 10-foot tall and bullet proof until his forced retirement from the military, due to his medical conditions, he became a recluse and very depressed suffering severe anxiety, nightmares and vulnerability. Hoover has made it possible for Ricky to help many people improve their quality of life.

Cotonrun is happy to support Ricky’s wonderful work and our dear Grace will be trained to assist a serving member’s daughter and family alike, who are suffering due to external circumstances.

If you would like to support Ricky’s initiative you can become a member/social member for $50.00 per annum or make a donation, and if your interested you could join Ricky’s training classes throughout Australia.

Ricky is happy to chat on Mobile: 0400 559 035 or via email or if you would like to become a member or support this wonderful life changing non-profit organisation you can make a payment/donation to:

FETCH Assistance Dogs Inc (ABN: 50 384 961 465)


BSB: 034189

A/C: 454107