What made the Coton de Tulear the Perfect Pet for me? It ticked all my boxes…

  Soft easy to care for, cotton coat
  No smell (excellent breed for allergy suffers – super hypoallergenic)
  No shedding (Adult coat)
  Small but sturdy
  Doesn’t need a lot of exercise
  Happy in an apartment
  Very affectionate loves children and other animals
  Always smiling
  Dangerously adorable
  Long lived
  Highly intelligent easy to train

Gypsy, our first Coton de Tulear, was a dream come true.

On returning home to Australia, we were mobbed where-ever Gypsy went.

A lot of people had heard of the breed and wanted a Coton, and others fell in love with Gypsy, and wanted a Coton.

We had the breed officially recognised by the Australian Kennel Club (ANKC) December 2015.

We are registered with our local council, and Dogs Queensland (QLD), state body for the ANKC, under the name of our Dogs Qld breeder’s prefix, Cotonrun.

We are members of, Ethical Breeders Association, Perfect Pets, Right Paws, Toy Dog Club Of Queensland, and The Variety Of Bichon Related Breeds NSW.

Late 2015 we imported Jasper, fresh from winning World Dog Best Puppy 2015 in Italy, and Luna, both European age-related champions, to begin our breeding program.

We had our first litters with Gypsy and Luna September 2016.

Our family then grew to include Mille Fleur and multi–European Champion Quantana who joined us in 2017 after winning at World Dog 2016.

We welcomed multi–European Champion Honey 2017 after winning at Crufts and World Dog 2017. It is important to have diversity of breeding lines, and while we’re breeding from puppies bred here in the Cotonrun Nursery, we’re expanding our breeding lines to include multi-European Champion Skyfall early 2024.

Introducing this rare new breed is a great responsibility and I have taken care to breed with excellent breeding, and, award-winning and/or dogs from famous proven lines to guarantee the integrity of the Australian Coton de Tulear linage, ensuring I breed healthy quality puppies for loving families, with a focus on ethical breeding.

We run the Puppy Culture program in the Cotonrun nursery, producing well socialised, developmentally sound puppies, for loving homes.

Since our first litters in 2016 the Coton family has expanded with our puppies living in Sydney, Perth, Launceston, Hobart, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

I don’t want Show Quality only Pet Quality

Pet quality refers to a puppy or dog being sold on Limited Register as a pet not for breeding or Conformation Showing.

Some dogs like the show ring and others don’t, however, that doesn’t mean those dogs don’t are incorrectly breed.

Under the Australian National Kennel Club (ANKC) rules breeders registered with their ANKC state body MUST breed for the betterment of the breed regardless of the purpose for which it is being breed.

Each breed has its own standard and in introducing this rare new breed I have taken care to import and breed with excellent breeding lines, and, award-winning dogs or from famous proven lines to guarantee the integrity of the Cotonrun linage, ensuring I breed healthy quality puppies for loving families.