About Cotonrun Puppies

My priority is on breeding and developing healthy happy well socialised puppies who are equipped with the outgoing nature to easily settle with their new families. As a stay at home Mum, I have the time to dedicate to my puppies and achieving my goal.

The Cotonrun nursery is located in my lounge room where they grow, play and sleep until they go to their new homes, sharing the home with our other Coton members of the family. We don’t have large kennels or sheds to house our dogs, they live inside with us as they are part of the family.

Myself and my family are hands on with the puppies from birth introducing new things to their world as they develop opening their eyes, walking and become adventurous. Initially they spend time with mum having short visits with the others. Once they are mobile, they spend their time playing with mum, dad, aunt and uncle Cotons who are very gentle and engaging with the little pups. During this process their whelping area grows and new play activities are introduced into their environment.

I follow the developmental practices of authors like Dr Carmelo L. Battaglia and puppy culture environments. Well-loved socialised puppies tend to approach new things with interest rather than fear, this is my aim.

Right from birth my puppies are exposed to a variety of new experiences and noises such as water, the vacuum cleaner, mop, TV and driving in the car. They are laid on their backs and handled to get used to being touched, preparing them for their visit to the vet for their vaccination and microchipping.

Once they’re walking my fenced garden and undercover outdoor area are a playground full of wonder and room to safely roam. Watching them discover new things is very exciting.

Until our puppies are fully vaccinated. They cannot interact safely in areas other animals have been or around people, so I take them for outings safely enclosed in the stroller. We walk around the block and go for a coffee at McDonalds safely exposing them to the outside world.

Our puppies are brushed, bathed and dried with a grooming dryer regularly and have their bottoms, pads and nails trimmed accustoming them to being groomed. Further, stroking and brushing puppies is part of the bonding similar to the bonding that takes place when mum washes them.

All our puppies are checked at Helping Paws Veterinary Practice when born. They are checked as they develop by Carol Thompson, V.N. Dip, V.N Dip Dental, and at 6-weeks our puppies receive a vet health check, 1st vaccination, microchipping, parental DNA test and then they are registered with Dogs Qld. We provide the new families with a book guiding them through preparations and arrival of their puppy and are always only a phone call away.

Before their new puppy Miska left Cotonrun his new family all knitted him a blanket with their smell on and sent it him. He loved his blanket and so did his litter family.

Toilet Training

As they develop our puppies begin to toilet away from their main play area. I introduce fake grass for them to toilet on and then move to a raised toilet with fake grass that collects urine in an easy to clean draw and always reward for toileting outside. I recommend new families have one or two inside toilets for when puppy first arrives.

Traveling to their New Home

Our puppies go to their new home between 8-10 weeks of age. Many of our puppies have flown to their new families in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Launceston so they have play crates, huts and tunnels to play in to get used to confined spaces. If flying I take the puppies to the freight area and drop them off and the new family collects them on arrival. There are firms that do door to door or collection and delivery. You can purchase a crate or hire. I put pet vet bedding from their whelping and play area into their crate, it is safer than towels or paper which they could chew, and has their litter family’s scent on it. I can provide details of good affordable pet transport companies.

Other puppies have been collected and driven home. Its important to have a proper pet restraint or car seat when collecting your puppy.

Puppy Nutrition

Our puppies, like our fully grown Cotons, eat homemade and top-quality wet and dry food. Puppies start on puppy mousse and a bit of chicken liver. They move onto Black Hawk Chicken and Rice for puppies, along with an assortment of other homemade and raw foods.

Puppy Socialisation and Training

Once puppy arrives at their new home, I recommend their family take them to socialisation and training school. Coton de Tulears love to please, and it is a great bonding time, giving your puppy confidence they know what you want and that you are happy with them.