The Dream Team – Sylvia and Mean’t To Be

For 20 years expert Obedience and Tricks handler, Melbourne based, Sylvia Van Doorn has been working with dogs enriching the lives of pets and their families/handlers. Sylvia started in the obedience field because she had a dog exhibiting dominance aggressive behaviour towards any handler. Today Sylvia’s passion and drive sees her working with rescue ‘naughty but nice’ dogs, engaging them in obedience and tricks to build their confidence and optimism, enabling them to have enriching lives with their new families. Sylvia’s skill set and experience has seen her train obedience dogs to Obedience Grand Champion levels and Tricks dogs to Trick Dog Champion levels.

I was overjoyed in Sylvia choosing the Coton de Tulear for her next challenge towards perfection.

Sylvia and Meant To Be’s (Ciella) journey began in 2018 at 8-weeks and has already seen amazing results. I love the videos showing what my breed is capable of, in the right hands, at such a young age. Sylvia refers to their achievements as ‘building their relationship bank’. As a professional she promotes the philosophy the more you pay in your relationship bank the more you get out and believes training is about having fun with her dogs making it an enriching experience as opposed to hard work. Seeing such wonderful results clearly Sylvia and Ciella are building an incredible loving relationship bank.

Having already earn’t her Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert Trick Dog titles, amazing!, the dream team are undertaking Dancing with Dogs and Sylvia is using Ciella as a demonstration dog for Obedience training.

When I received Sylvia’s phone call enquiring about a Coton de Tulear puppy I thought there’s definitely an angel looking after Cotonrun and I’m very grateful to Sylvia for her dedication, enthusiasm and love of Ciella. Thank you, Sylvia, I’m blessed being able to share and celebrate this journey with you and Ciella.

Congratulations to Sylia and Ciella. Ciella has reached the highest level of Trick training gaining her Trick Dog Champion Title under 6 months of age, an amazing achievement!