Cotonrun Puppies And Their Families


Dad Drew says, “We waited a long time but he was so worth the wait . . . we can’t ever thank you enough for choosing Norman to become a part of our family, he means the world to us!”

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Check out this very happy charismatic socialite on Instagram.

Princess Deanna

Mum Amy shared her love of her Coton de Tulear puppy Princess Deanna at Dog Lovers Qld 2018: “I knew what I wanted and I waited . . . I love her.”

Pierre Joly

Mum Sue says: “His first words to you when he sees you, is hello . . . he’s the best looking . . . happiest . . . cleverest puppy ever. We love him.”

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King Louis

Mum Tania says, “He’s changed my life and I’m forever thankful to you for giving him to me. We’re inseparable . . . he’s a delight and if I could have 6 I would. I’m a Coton fan now . . . he comes to work with me and he makes everyone’s day a delight.”

Check out this busy loving little man filling, allergy suffering mum Tania, Granny Gerry, Granddad and bubby Murphy’s lives with joy and laughter on Instagram.


Mum Seville waited 2 years for Pebbles: “She’s an angel . . . so compassionate . . . so loving . . . so intelligent . . . she’s my beautiful baby.”


Max was bought as a pet therapy dog for Mike after his stroke, and they love their outings. Mother and grandmother mum Lily said: “I’ve waited all my life for a love like this”


Dad Gary told everyone at Dog Lovers Qld 2018: “She’s great, I’d have paid double, she’s worth it.”

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Check out this happy chappy whose allergy suffering mum can now have a pet in the family on Instagram.


Ex-breeder of Wolf-hounds said “Once you’ve had a Coton you’ll never want another breed”. Check out this charming little man at home and out sharing the love with strangers at a café.


Mum Kate says: “It has been a lot of fun and he’s bringing a lot of love and joy into our family . . . he’s always with you . . . if someone comes to the door he doesn’t rush them.”


Sweet Lily greatest playmate. Mum Jess said: “We went bush walking with Lily off lead and she never left our side!”